Welcome to Red Mulga
Red Mulga started years ago at a Christmas Craft Fair, with my original, locally inspired Christmas card designs.

As life is, ideas unfolded and I experimented with designs on leather purses and leather bags. 
I have been travelling to Indonesia for many years, so the production of leather has been carried out there, both in Java and Bali. Depending on the item, they are either made as an individual item or as part of a limited small production run. My Indonesian husband drives for hours on his motor bike to visit a friend in a leather making village. The craftsmen that work with leather have been doing it all their lives, usually operating from small home based businesses. Fair and ethical trading relations are significant to my business, as is quality both in materials and workmanship.

I still continue with my locally inspired card designs and in truth they are what give me most pleasure.  In a previous life I loved creating artworks mainly using recycled or organic materials for exhibitions, so these small designs offer a fun, creative outlet. More recently, I have been using these designs on digitally printed cloth, to create functional items with a unique, local flavour.

So what is the significance of the name Red Mulga? Most Australians know of mulga as the scrublands in our vast continent. Red Mulga is an acacia species endemic to North and Western Australia and is now considered rare flora.  So, together, lets give attention to those things that are rare, unique and Australian; with hope in cultivating a deeper respect for our precious environment.

Judith Durnford