Thanks for visiting.. welcome to Red Mulga!
Red Mulga started years ago, back in 2005 at a Christmas Craft Fair with my original, quirky, locally inspired Christmas Card designs.  

Being an Artist and sustaining a market stall has taken a varied path over the years, however
with the advent of 2020 and significant changes to many of our lives, its' time to return to making home based products, sourcing components locally.  Expect to see hand printed items appearing over the coming months.  I'm also focussing on running out my storage of cloth, the sewing machine is up and running and homewares from my own designs along with some vibrant Indigenous cotton will be on offer until my fabric supplies run out.

In a previous life I loved exhibiting and creating artworks from recycled or organic materials.  This focus, creating with minimal impact on our planet is again what I yearn. Its' with this mindful integrity my future work will be moulded, let's see where it takes me :)  

Judith Durnford February 2021

For those that are curious about the significance of Red Mulga... 
Most Australians know of mulga as the scrublands in our vast continent. Red Mulga is an acacia species endemic to Northern and Western Australia regions, it is now considered rare flora.  Its' time that together we give attention to those things that are rare, unique and Australian, with the hope in cultivating a deeper respect for our precious environment.